Multipurpose Chair Seat Warmer

It keeps you warm and comfortable while at you on work station or while relaxing. This is designed to provide relief from stress while you sit on it. Itís a light weight heating pad which is simple to use with a convenient on/off switch. working on 220VAC. ...

Chair Seat Warmers Heat Pads

Enjoy wonderful warmth wherever you go with warmer seat. As the name suggest, multipurpose chair seat warmer is versatile and can be adaptable in all situations. Shantinath Sales manufacturing such chair seat warmers. The chair seat warmer can be used at home, or while camping, or at work place. The product contains a heated seat cushion with a convenient on/off switch. The 220v chair seat warmer is capable of providing warm and comfort in all situations. The seat warmers for chairs provide gentle heat a little extra softness to soothe away stiffness, or just to ward off the morning chill. The seat warmer is designed with keeping in mind the stress factor because it helps to provide relief from stress while just sitting on it.The seat warmers has light weight heating pad. It works on 220VAC another popular term used for seat warmer for chair is the seat heater. Seat warmers for chairs are available with built-in thermostat and connector plug.

Chair Seat Warmer Features:

  • This is a high quality home and use in office chair seat warmer with reliable performance.
  • The seat warmers for office chairs, home or outdoor are equipped with collapsible heating element that heats both the bottom and the back of the chair.
  • The seat warmers light in weight.
  • The chair seat warmer pad is comfortably oversized and can easily accommodate up to 300lbs.
  • The heating pad chair seat is weather resistant.
  • Warmer seat pads heating has a fire resistant fabric material

Chair Seat Warmers Heat Pad Benefits:

  • Heat pad seat warmers for chair provide comfort in outdoor as well as indoor environment.
  • Heated pad warmer chair seat keeps you warm in the cold weather.
  • The 220v Chair seat warmer heating pad is durable and can be used a year round.
  • The heat produced is not harmful for human body.
  • The heated warmer chair seat pad can be designed according to the specifications of customers.

Heat Pad Seat Warmers for Chair Warranty:

One year manufactures warranty on all manufactures defects. This excludes any damage or abuse due to misuse.
Therefore we can say that this gadget is easy, safe and effective to use at home or at the office and it is the blend of technology and comfort.
In particular it will provide warm and helps relieve pain in the lower back and upper thighs. There are many trustworthy wholesale and retail outlets where Shantinath Sales supplies these multipurpose chair seat warmers.

Size: 15" X 30"
Price: INR 450 / $10